www: www (world wide web) this web in the name known of any URL before When there is www that by on the web instructions by doing (world wide web) done a storage system, where the whole of the world website store remains 1990 in Scientist team Banners-Ltd World Wide web (www) discovery do when […]

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Windows Hosting

Windows Hosting: share hosting web hosting or Windows hosting that no hosting E Be it no Why, each hosting on the server operating system install to do is normal Sheared hosting or web hosting Usually Linux operating system by managed by is but Windows hosting A Windows operating system by work to do is That’s

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VPS Hosting

VPS Hosting: VPS what a Dedicated to the server Virtualization of technology through more than one in parts share by doing small server made up to do Yes, and this server who VPS server says this VPS The servers each Independent server as work by doing And there operating System, Storage, RAM And processor There

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Shared/Web Hosting

Shared/Web Hosting: A dedicated on the server hosting Control panel install by doing Sheared hosting or web hosting server made up to do is E.g.: C-Panel Control panel install by doing After that that Share order hosting on the server different of assumption Features different Package made up to do is And that of users

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Softaculous: Softaculous being a paid library , which on the website web application install process Automated by doing of Softaculous inside Word Press, Joomla including different popular CMS or of software Installer script remains whose through easily that no Software or No CMS trouble without install to do goes simple in words to say Go,

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Reseller Hosting

Reseller Hosting: simple in words Reseller means somewhere from cheaply the bulk in the amount product bought that other in place profit by doing cell to do Reseller hosting general of users for No, it is who hosting business will do their for special by doing who new hosting business start by doing their for

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Name Server

Name Server: Previous in the chapter we are knew IP address in mind keep difficult so domain the name system or create DNS to do was done right the same Kind of DNS together all of them record Add to do difficult so this the problem solution to do for made up Done DNS database.

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Introduction: Introduction Every website as if one-one dream, this dream website where home in hindrance that being hosting and dream to the name to say can domain. but domain hosting with our Most of them Advance to the knowledge no special by doing Beginners in hosting with a lot more Confusion exists, whose As a

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Of ICANN full form are: (Internet Corporation for assigned Names and numbers) it an American Nonprofit organization However of Activities to run by going which cost is that carrying by doing American a Multistakeholder group. 1998 in Icon to establish original the goal was Secure and Stable Internet sure to do Currently ICANN Sara of

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Hosting: hosting being a space, where your of the website all data saving remains no on the website visit If you do we are different kind of Content For example: images, articles, videos etc to see get this The contents so null A floating remains No , of course somewhere no somewhere store to do

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Domain: Domain of Bangla money State, Land, original land, Area etc. domain of work done client to the computer web of the server with connected to do However so much difficult by doing to understand need No , easy in words domain means your of the website name or address your name by holding someone

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DNS Propagation

DNS Propagation: DNS Propagation of the domain IP or no record change or Update to do if that the same with Sara in the world change No, somewhat the time takes because The domain’s DNS server from the user up to many Caching server use to do is, where that of the domain DNS The

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C-Panel: C-Panel being a web hosting Control Panel, it develop did C-Panel LLC. C-Panel basically our graphical the user interface provide by doing whose through we are very easily hosting And of the website Activities manage by doing stay if this C-Panel or no hosting Control The panel itself no would have then our hosting

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Cloud Hosting

The cloud Hosting: the cloud hosting current in time popular VPS And VDS hosting of from the cloud hosting more Advance but Expensive the cloud hosting of concept normal of hosting from a little different normal hosting A data a on the server the host remains but the cloud hosting A data Multiple on the

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CDN: Content Delivery network of brief form done CDN. In short description to do If you go CDN done a system which to the user Content Delivery by doing CDN done such a system which a lot web of the server same as but In this general of the server like file himself from store

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Caching: Temporary storage to the folder of the internet in language cash says we are when the first time no website visit I do then our on the computer browser installation in the folder a temporary folder made up is, where visit to do that of the website all data Download become remains In this

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BTCL: The full form of BTCL is Bangladesh Telecommunications the company Ltd. this Bangladesh from all big Telecommunications the company 1971 in the country independent to be soon after BTTB establishment to do is Later on 2008 in BTTBK public Ltd the company to do is And of name change by doing keep is BTCL.

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BDIX Hosting

BDIX Hosting: Currently hosting BDIX Hosting in Communities with one type the hype made up has been And Constantly BDIX Hosting with in progress different sort of Discussion, criticism. First of all knowing taken what is BDIX? Bangladesh Based on data International routing away to do for almost 3500 of Establishment of BDIX with Internet

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if simple in words Say-yours of the website all data other somewhere copy by doing to keep Backup says website management in case Backup very significant a subject you that hosting Saver use do there no accident due to data loss to be can, yours website Hack to be Maybe, by mistake your own from

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Ultimate Guide to Mastering Unique Microsoft Word Shortcuts for Enhanced Productivity

introduction:within the speedy-paced global of digital productiveness, Microsoft phrase remains a cornerstone of report creation. whilst many are familiar with simple shortcuts, a treasure trove of lesser-regarded yet particularly effective Microsoft word shortcuts can revolutionize your workflow. This comprehensive manual is your key to unlocking the ability of those specific shortcuts, elevating your productiveness and

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