Of ICANN full form are:

(Internet Corporation for assigned Names and numbers) it an American Nonprofit organization However of Activities to run by going which cost is that carrying by doing American a Multistakeholder group. 1998 in Icon to establish original the goal was Secure and Stable Internet sure to do Currently ICANN Sara of the world domain control organization to the internet Stable and Secure to keep work by ICANN. But ICANN ‘s Maine work Yes, the registry Operators And of the registrars control to do And of customers the right And service sure to do Besides TLD of the domain for different policy made up by doing currently as much domain provider there is They are everybody directly or indirectly. by ICANN accepted And new who domain provide to do want their and from ICANN permission to take is There is ICANN That’s why we are so much beautiful packed up Internet use to do I can.

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