Domain of Bangla money State, Land, original land, Area etc. domain of work done client to the computer web of the server with connected to do However so much difficult by doing to understand need No , easy in words domain means your of the website name or address your name by holding someone if called such as you called response Give , likewise on the internet your of the domain name by holding someone if called your website called response gives again such as your home address by holding you at home move on Go, right as well domain of address by holding you’re on the website move on to go can your website if is home domain that home Address, Domain being Digital in the world your identity website made up to do If you go first of all of which need is that being domain. On the internet as much website has his of each different different a Unique domain the name has For example: Google’s There is Facebook’s has Everything of has on the internet such numerous spread out sprinkle to stay to the website identified to do for domain the name use to do is.

For example:

a domain the name eternal 1 character And the highest 63 character up to is the first commercial of the domain name done which of Cambridge Computer firm Symbolic 15 march 1985 on the date a register by doing.

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