The full form of BTCL is Bangladesh Telecommunications the company Ltd. this Bangladesh from all big Telecommunications the company 1971 in the country independent to be soon after BTTB establishment to do is Later on 2008 in BTTBK public Ltd the company to do is And of name change by doing keep is BTCL. BTCL of chief work Telephone And Internet centered Although They are currently Bangladesh Only ccTLD domains Register. ie .bd. Bangla these the country level domain the only They are Officially provide by doing And this of domains of for different policy made up by doing remains general Anya all domain Registration to do method from BTCL of domain Registration to do method different These are the country level domain to take if BTCL of different of rules for to the user a lot Information And Document deposit to give is , which of the user for very boring the country level domain you directly BTCL from no with the third rug providers also through BTCL from to take can In this by doing process a lot simple become will go of the user for For example: HeadTech hosting of through you BTCL to including Anya of extension domain Registration to do can.

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